• I wanted to send you a thank you note for everything Peace of Mind has done for Archie. You and your staff are exceptional! You have gone far and above what I expected. I always know when I leave Archie in your care that he is loved, safe, and is having a great time! I always know I can call Peace of Mind to watch, walk or play with Archie in a moment's notice. It is hard for me to trust people with Archie, but I trust Peace of Mind completely with him. I love that you allow him into your personal space and treat him like he is your own. I love that you have him sleeping right next to you, that you take him on long walks or even just to get a cup of coffee! We truly feel blessed to have met you!

    Jaime & Mike
    Jaime & Mike Bay Area
  • Julie has taken care of my teenage chihuahua, Pablo, in her home many times. The exceptional services and personal care she provides Pablo completely removes the feelings of stress and anxiety (mine and his!) that can occur when I travel. Julie's 22+ years of veterinary experience is also a valuable benefit as Pablo is an insulin-dependent diabetic. Aside from being extremely kind, conscientious, and professional, Julie is very knowledgeable about animal care, which includes making the owner and pet feel comfortable, as well as attending to those pets that require a little extra maintenance as Pablo does. It truly provides me "peace of mind" having Julie accept Pablo into her home as part of her extended family.

    Jim L.
    Jim L. San Jose, CA
  • My wife and I were considering an extended vacation to Australia. We live on a 40 acre property in a remote location and have many domestic and farm animals. We have sheep, horses, goats, a llama, dogs, and cats. Julie has over 17 years of hands-on experience working for a veterinarian so we asked her if she would be interested in taking care of our pets and home while we were gone. We left Julie specific instructions about times for feeding the farm animals and the 3 dogs and 2 cats as well as a list of different veterinarians and furriers we used for animals. Julie had took excellent care of all of our pets. Julie demonstrated responsibility, compassion and a clear understanding of how pets must be cared for. This is the "peace of mind" we needed for a relaxing vacation.

    William & Kathleen B.
    William & Kathleen B. Bay Area
  • I am writing to express my staunch belief that Julie Petrie, her team members, and her company are one of the finest pet sitting businesses around. I admit I have not tried any other company, so perhaps my statement is without proof of comparison, but why would I bother to shop around when Julie and her team do such a fine job? Furthermore, I have known Julie for over 30 years, and I have only good things to say about her demeanor, level of professionalism, and character. She is the only other person who has a key to my house at all times, even when my pets don't need attention.  She is available to help in case anything goes wrong, such as an alarm activation when I am at work or out of town. Peace of Mind says it all.

    Ben Sarno Castro Valley, CA
  • My husband and I have been Stonebrae residents for the past six years, and we highly recommend Julie Petrie and her pet-sitting team, Peace of Mind In-Home Pet Care. Julie’s Yelp reviews tell the whole story; she is caring, reliable, professional, and trust worthy. Most importantly for us, Julie offers a service that we could not find from any other company. In addition to dog walking and cat visits, Julie will spend the night in a client’s home and administer medications and injections. We have two 12 year old cats who need a great deal of attention. One of our cats has asthma and diabetes, and requires daily steroids and insulin. Earlier this year, we needed to leave home for a week to care for an elderly relative, and we asked friends, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations for pet boarding or in-home care. However, none of these recommended companies would administer insulin shots to our diabetic cat. We then searched Yelp reviews, and found Peace of Mind In-Home Pet Care. Julie lives in Castro Valley and was already familiar with our neighborhood. We had a great conversation by phone, and Julie visited our home to meet our cats and tour our home prior to accepting us as clients. We had complete peace of mind on our family trip, because Julie took wonderful care of our cats, and even sent texts and photos letting us know that our cats were happy and healthy.

    Cindy and Kevin Cooper
    Cindy and Kevin Cooper Hayward, CA
  • Julie Petrie and her team at Peace of Mind definitely give us peace of mind whenever we need her pet-sitting services for our three boxers. We have tried local boarding facilities, but our dogs just weren’t the same when we picked them up. Peace of Mind takes excellent care of our dogs and our dogs never exhibit any behavioral issues when we come back home. Julie and her team genuinely care about our dogs, keep us apprised of how the dogs are doing while we are out of town and follow the same routine that we follow without skipping a beat. Julie made it a point to get to know us and our dogs before she first took care of them. Julie and her team even watered the flowers in our garden while we were away. We wholeheartedly recommend Peace of Mind to anyone who needs a caring top-quality pet care service.

    Hildie Nueman Pleasanton, CA
  • When our beloved older dog was diagnosed with diabetes and we were told that we would need to give him insulin shots twice a day we despaired of ever being able to take a vacation. Luckily we found Peace of Mind Pet Care. Julie and her team loved Mogey as if he was their own and were there for us whether we needed a last minute walk or a person to stay with him for a week while we went on vacation. We always felt completely at ease knowing that Julie had experience in a vet’s office, could administer insulin, and would take utmost care with our aging dog. After Mogey passed on and we eventually rescued another dog, we continued to use Peace of Mind. Our new dog, Riley, is a very high strung greyhound mix with some anxiety issues. Julie, Debbie, and Kim have continued to be as patient, caring, and loving with Riley as they were with Mogey. We love receiving the photos and videos when we’re on vacation and knowing that both our dog and our home are in good hands. Julie and her team are knowledgeable and professional and we would not hesitate to recommend Peace of Mind to anyone looking for pet care.

    Tori & Suzanna Castro Valley, CA

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