Pet Care

Peace of Mind in-home pet care offers a comprehensive selection of pet sitting services to suit your needs, more than most pet sitting companies or even national on-line pet centered service organizations like Care, SitterCity or DoggyVaca. You will pay a fee to these organizations to browse through individuals most with no experience in the veterinary industry or caring for other people’s animals offering sometimes a single service offering. At Peace of Mind in-home pet care you don’t need to pay an internet marketing organization in order to choose from a full suite of services performed by our independent contractors who have an extensive history performing those pet sitting services for our clients, most of whom have extensive experience within the veterinary industry.


Pet Sitting

While you are away from your pet for several days at a time, these visits are scheduled two or three times a day as needed. Basic household maintenance tasks, such as curbing trash receptacles, watering plants & bringing in mail. Feeding schedules are maintained and playtime is always included!


Overnight Pet Care

Many of our clients do not like their pet to be alone at night when they are away. We will arrive at dinner time, and leave in the morning after breakfast (always adhering to your feeding regiment). We will also include sunset and sunrise walks at your discretion and of course plenty of love and companionship. Many of our clients ask if we mind if their pets sleep with us, and of course we do not. Whatever routine your pet is used to we want to provide in your absence.


Dog Boarding

We are a kennel alternative! Several of our clients prefer their pets stay with our pet care providers in their homes where they can socialize with us and our families 24/7. We do not use kennels or cages! Dogs are walked, played with, and romp around with us in our secure back yards daily. They curl up with us on our couches to watch movies at night and are treated as one of the family. Must be potty trained & neutered (unless your pet is a puppy) and non-aggressive towards other dogs, people, and cats.


Dog Walking

During each visit, we will take your dog for an energetic walk through your neighborhood. In extreme weather conditions, we will provide an indoor play session to satisfy your pets need to exercise.


Puppy and Kitten Care

Babies need extra attention, care and time. We will help you stay consistent with your training and feeding schedule and clean up the messes that come along with the joys of potty training a new puppy or kitten. Visits are usually scheduled multiple times a day to “check in” with your baby while you are at work.


Pets with Special Needs

I have over twenty two years of veterinary experience and a large number of my pet care providers are either currently employed at veterinary clinics around the bay area or have had years of experience in the industry. My pet care providers and I are fully capable of monitoring medical regiments your pet may need, including insulin dependent pets, pets in need of fluid therapy, or simply assisting you to medicate your pet. With 24/7 access to veterinarians we can also provide general Q & A regarding health concerns of your loved ones.


Pet Taxi

Need to get your pet to the vet or groomer and you can’t manage to get out of work? We will provide door to door service for your pet appointments.

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